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Date : 17-02-13 17:49
Obligatory Insurance for Freshmen International Students
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KNU obligates International Students to be insured. Please follow the details below to take out insurance.

1) Please be aware that all international students in Korea are obligated to purchase accident insurance (it is obligatory not optional).

However, students with following scholarships: GKS, Best-KNU, ACES-KNU will be insured by the university, so please do not apply individually

2) If you do not purchase an insurance while you are studying in KNU, your admission will be canceled regardless of whether you have paid your tuition fee or not.

3) Guideline

a. If you want to purchase an insurance designated by KNU:

Insurance premium : 130,000won for a year / 80,000won for six months

Application period : 2017. 2. 28 / 3.6 / 3.7    10am ~ 5pm

③ Where : Global Lounge of OIA (Taebaekgwan Building 314, 4th floor)

** How : Application and payment on the spot (prepare cash)

b. If you want to purchase an insurance by yourself:

(Proof of coverage in English or Korean must be submitted)

Where : OIA (Taebaeckgwan Building 314, 4th floor) (Kim Hankyeong 033-250-7194)

One or two main pages including your name, birthdate, coverage contents and the period of coverage are enough. (Please write down your student ID number and major on the first page)