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Notice for Exchange Students

Date : 16-08-02 19:21
Buddy & Exchange students' information (Fall, 2016)
 Name : Admin
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   Buddy - Exchange Student (Assignment Result).xlsx (53.5K) [229] DATE : 2016-08-02 19:25:59
   (KNU) (Please reply through email by August 8th.xls (75.0K) [92] DATE : 2016-08-03 09:13:01

Your buddy information is available on the attachment. Please be aware that you need to send your desirable course list to your buddy by August 8th.

The course list taught in English for coming semester will be noticed on Thursday (6pm on Aug. 5th.
We ask for your understanding for  the delay as KNU academic system was delayed because of unexpected issue.


* We emailed you the password for the attachment (an excel file).

* You can find your buddy's info. as well as your student ID number from both sheets.