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Notice for Exchange Students

Date : 17-10-10 13:46
Culture Day Even for Exchange Students
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Dear Prospective Exchange Students,

We hope everything is going well for your departure and course registration.

We inform you of one of our events titled "Culture day" which will take place in March 14.

 In this event, around 3-4 selected exchange students are given the opportunity to introduce their country, culture, home university and whatever they want about their country by giving short presentation in front of exchange students and buddies.

 This event is held each semester and we have seen many exchange students actively participate in and enjoy this event. Last semester, 3 students from China, Germany and Turkey performed presentations for the event.

We'd like to take voluntary applications from you, so lease reply me back if any of you who want to take this opportunity to gladly introduce your country and culture.

* Must be comfortable with either English or Korean as the presentation should be performed in English or Korean.

*  The presentation should not be boring to death.

Application deadline : February 18th, 2018

* Your email should include brief introduction of yourself and why you should get this opportunity.

* Please refer to the Attachments before an application.

Presentation (발표 / 发表) Talent show (报名才艺表演 / 장기자랑)

We look forward to hearing from many of you.

 Please kindly note that only 3-4 students will be selected after we look into all the applications. Cultural uniqueness, variety as well as entertaining factors will be mainly considered. 

[ International Affairs,  KNU ]