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Date : 17-12-21 20:05
55thTOPIK fee support application
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   application form for TOPIK fee.hwp (15.0K) [9] DATE : 2017-12-21 20:05:18

54thTOPIK fee support application


* www.topik.go.kr


Students who took 55th TOPIK exam are asked to bring your

original score certificate and copy of bank book and fill out the two forms enclosed with this announcement then apply for the fee payment support at the Office of International Affairs (TaeBaekGwan 4th floor).


The unofficial score from the internet page will not be accepted.


Please submit the original certificate score which you can print out from the TOPIK homepage after the announcement of exam results.


- Submission Period : 2017.12.21.~12.29.

- Support Amount: Exam application fee 40,000won
(degree students who have had over level 4 for the first time will be given 30,000won more as an award for their achievement) 

- Students eligible for the support fee : Undergraduate, Graduate and Exchange

students(except the student who already completed his/her course/

bachelor : 8 semesters, master : 4 semesters, ph.D : 5 semesters/students on leave)