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Date : 18-01-22 16:59
2018 spring semester - application for the tutoring program for international students
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We are recruiting foreign and Korean students for the 2018 spring semester's 'Foreign students tutoring program'. Please do not hesitate to apply.
Program: Foreign students volunteer tutoring program
Recruitment target: around 40 people (20 Koreans and 20 foreigners)
Korean and foreign students will be matched one to one.

Qualification for application : Undergraduate student. (only for the undergraduate. not for the graduate!)

Tutor: KNU Undergraduate student (both korean or foreign students are fine)

Tutee: KNU Undergraduate student (only foreign students except exchange students)

*Tutor: student who can help Tutee.     Tutee: Student who can be helped by Tutor. 

Program period: 2018 spring semester, from mid-March to early June
Main activities:
-1:1 mentoring during 15 weeks, at least 10 meetings of minimum 30 minutes 
-mentoring content: major's classes, other classes, Korean language etc.

-Application method: fill out and return by email the attached form until January 29th (Mon.), 6 pm.  
-Tutors should submit tutor's application form and tuitees should submit tuitees application form
-Email address : intn1947@kangwon.ac.kr
-Result will be notified individually
Informations: Kangwon National University Office of International Affairs (033-250-7194)
For the details, please refer to the attached notice.