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Date : 18-01-22 17:30
Recruitment announcement for 2018 GKS excellent self-financed foreign students
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   2018년도 GKS 외국인 우수 자비 장학생 모집 공고_안내문.hwp (32.5K) [21] DATE : 2018-01-22 17:30:59
The Office of International Affairs is recruiting excellent self-financed foreign students for the 2018 scholarship program according to the undermentioned guidelines. Please do not hesitate to apply.
-Undergraduate foreign students from their 2nd to their 4th year (graduate students are so excluded), currently studying and living on their own
-Students whose GPA was over 2.75 during every semester
-Students who passed at least TOPIK level 4
For detailed informations, please refer to the attached file. For more informations, feel free to contact the Office of International Affairs (033-250-7194).