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Date : 18-02-06 14:23
Recruitment for Peace Wedding performance for Pyeongchang Olympic
 Name : Admin
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There will be Peace Wedding peace which is a official culture event for PyeongChang Olympic as you see the invitation.

Content: The couple who are from same country do a wedding performance with their traditional costume.   (traditional costume will be prepared by organizer.)

Date: 2018. 2. 24. 12'o clock

Place: Unification Observatory in Goseong, Kangwondo

For this event, you should be there from 2.23 (10'o clock) to 2.24(19'o clock). 
The transportation, room and board is provided by organizer. There is no additional incentives. 
If you want to participate to this event, please apply to our email, intn@kangwon.ac.kr.