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Department of Home Economics Education

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The Department of Home Economics Education was newly established in March 1973 as the Department of Home Economics and restructured into the ‘Department of Home Economics Education’ in 1980. The major domain of knowledge includes clothing, food nutrition, children/families, dwelling, home management/consumer, and curriculum education. It aims to cultivate teachers with expertise and quality in home economics through theories, experiments, and practices.

  • 104, College of Education #3
  • 033-250-6740
  • 033-259-5601

Department of Science Education

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The Department of Science Education was established in 1984 with an objective of “cultivating outstanding secondary teachers of the future”, and it has steadily expanded its scope through reformation. It focuses on the pre-education of outstanding science teachers who can train citizens of the future to lead the 21st century. The Department of Science Education strives to secure a practical educational environment and support student activities in order to train talented leaders of science education and help them to develop their ability to conduct research on science education. The focus is on helping students obtain the professional knowledge and personality required by science teachers through various education media and teaching methods.

  • 407, College of Education #4
  • 033-250-6730
  • 033-259-5600

Department of Education

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The Department of Education was established in 1979 with an objective to contribute to the development of education by studying theories and practical plans related to general education and educational phenomena, training future generations, developing teaching knowledge through education of past and current instructors, and providing community services to relevant institutions and organizations. The academic goal of the department is to understand the overall phenomena of educational activities and school education, and to find problems and measures for improvement.

  • 218, College of Education #4
  • 033-250-6650
  • 033-259-5594

Department of Korean Education

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To mark its 40th anniversary since its foundation, the Department of Korean Education established and announced three key future-oriented educational goals and practical strategies. The educational goals, which focus on cultivating Korean teachers of secondary schools with professional knowledge and practical language ability, basic qualification and progressive personalities, and creative intelligence to actively cope with changes of the times, are as follows.

  • Enrichment of basic major education
  • Training educational talents who can lead the era
  • Training creative intellectuals with knowledge, virtue, and strength
  • 213, College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6610
  • 033-259-5591

Department of Mathematics Education

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Established on March 1, 1969, the Department of Mathematics Education boasts a long tradition. It aims to cultivate experts of mathematics and mathematics education as well as math teachers of middle and high schools who can teach students to have creativity and the problem-solving skills required in the knowledge information society. Students come to understand the contents and structure of mathematics, and study and practice teaching methods by learning general mathematics and general educational courses related to algebra, analytics, geometry, topology, and discrete mathematics.

  • College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6720
  • 033-259-5599

Department of History Education

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The Department of History Education cultivates history teachers for middle and high schools and professional researchers who engage in research of history and history education. It operates various courses to train instructors with historical consciousness and historical views who can perceive the formation of modern Korea or the world, and adapt to the changing society.

  • 402, College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6680
  • 033-259-6160

Department of English Education

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The Department of English Education was established in 1969 with an objective to cultivate English teachers who could contribute to the development of English education by learning professional knowledge on English literature, English linguistics, and English teaching methods based on their solid English skills and possessing the ability to deliver such knowledge. It offers courses related to practical English, English linguistics, English literature, and English education to increase the expertise and excellence of the education while seeking harmony between the theoretical aspects of the professional knowledge and its practical application.

  • 320, College of Education #4
  • 033-250-6630
  • 033-259-6629

Department of Ethics Education

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The Department of Ethics Education was newly established in 1980 to foster future teachers who possessed the personalities and professional knowledge expected of educators overseeing ethics and morality classes in middle and high schools. Students can obtain teacher certificate grade 2 after graduating from the Department of Ethics Education and choose from various career paths, including becoming teachers of national and private schools or entering graduate schools, educational institutes, or general companies.

  • 505, College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6670
  • 033-259-5595

Department of Social Studies Education

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The Department of Social Studies Education is the major for cultivating social studies teachers for middle and high schools, who raise the democratic citizens of the future. It helps students develop the knowledge, values, attitudes, and functions to make rational decisions by scientifically researching and critically analyzing overall social phenomena including politics, socio-culture, and laws.

  • 302, College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6710
  • 033-259-5598

Department of Geography Education

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The Department of Geography Education aims to cultivate outstanding geography educators with geographical perspectives and teaching skills who research theories related to geography, such as regions, the relationship between humans and the environment, and spatial relationship, as well as region experts and geographers who can creatively and actively cope with changes in the outside world.

  • 311, College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6690
  • 033-259-5597

Department of Physical Education

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The Department of Physical Education has a special objective of cultivating school physical education teachers with full commitment and teaching abilities. As more importance is being placed on the role of physical instructors in not just schools but also modern society, the department helps students acquire the skills to study the expertise of physical education based on scientific knowledge so they can become professionals of physical education. It offers educational courses to train professionals based on scientific knowledge and helps students quickly adapt to the changing times.

  • 108, BaeckRyung Sports Center
  • 033-250-6790
  • 033-259-5680

Department of Chinese Classics Education

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The Department of Chinese Classics Education aims to cultivate secondary teachers with knowledge and virtue by understanding and keeping the traditional cultures and ideas contained within Chinese classics based on the educational philosophy of “Sil-Sa-Gu-Si” (a Korean proverb meaning “to strive for pragmatism”).

  • 201, College of Education #2
  • 033-250-6640
  • 033-259-5593