Organization of Kangwon National University
Administration Office of General Affairs
Office of Financial Management
Office of Facilities and Maintenance
Office of Admission
Office of Student Affairs
Division of career service
Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Academic Records
Office of Planning & Coordination
Office of Evaluation
Office of External Affairs & Cooperation
Office of International Affairs
Office of University-Industry Research Planning
Office of University-Industry Research Support
Office of Seoul Center
Colleges College of Business Administration
College of Engineering
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
College of Animal Life Sciences
College of Art and Culture
College of Education
College of Social Sciences
College of Forest & Environmental Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
College of Pharmacy
College of Medicine
College of Biomedical Science
College of Humanity
College of Natural Sciences
College of Information Technology
School of Biotechnology & Bioengineering
Division of Sport Science
Graduate School Graduate School
Specialty Graduate School
- Graduate School of Education
- Graduate School of Business and Public Administration
- Graduate School of Industrial Technology
- Graduate School of Information Science
- Graduate School of Medicine
- Law School