Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Scholarships
    Category Scholarships Notes
    Freshman · Transfer Student ◾ Acquiring the TOPIK level 4 60% school fees exemption
    ◾ Acquiring the TOPIK level 5 or above : Full scholarship
    ◾ Only in the first semester
    Enrolled Student ◾ Depending on academic GPA in the previous semester :
    20~100% school fees exemption
    ◾ GPA of 2.5 or higher in the previous semester
    ◾ At least 12 Credits taken in the previous semester
    ◾ TOPIK level 4 or higher
    ◾ Insurance Certificate
    ※ All of four above conditions must be fulfilled
    Students without insurance will be disqualified from scholarship benefits.
  • Tuition (based on Spring Semester 2016 Freshman Fees, Unit: KRW)
    Tuition fee
    Humanities&Social Sciences Natural Sciences Engineering Sports Science Art Notes
    1,877,000 2,080,000~2,265,000 2,383,000 2,383,000 2,474,000 Admission and tuition fee included