Business Administration

Established in 1970, the College of Business of Kangwon National University (KNU) is one of the 9 major National Business Colleges in Korea. During the past four decades, our faculty nurtured over 3,000 graduates, who are now working in business and cross-sector not only in Korea but also worldwide.
The KNU College of Business offers undergraduate and graduate degrees (Master and Doctoral research), as well as programs in the Graduate School of Business. The 5 departments of the undergraduate program are: Business Administration, Tourism Administration, Accounting, Economics, and International Trade and Business. The Graduate School of Business provides majors from the 5 departments, as well as Advanced Management Program (AMP) across Chuncheon, Sokcho, Seoul, Gyeonggi and Samcheok. The Institute of Management Research and the Institute of Industrial Research have been established to supplement the research function of College of Business. Currently, there are 45 full-time professors; 2,037 undergraduate students; 167 graduate students undertaking Masters; 43 students undertaking Ph. D; and about 160 students undertaking AMP.
Founded in 1947, KNU is located in Chuncheon, at the heart of Gangwon Province, which is approximately an hour travel distance from Seoul metropolitan area. The present campus exhibits a blend of traditional and modern buildings across the beautiful natural landscape curve in Chuncheon city. The vibrant campus community, together with its commitment to the highest standards of academic programs, has been designed to help students develop practical skills and build relationships that will last a lifetime.
Looking ahead to future years, an emerging vision and set of priorities for the KNU College of Business is to move ahead under our slogan "Beyond Limits". Standing at a unique moment in time with global economic crisis and rapid changes, we recognize the challenges that lie ahead. With business education at an inflection point, we strive to equip future leaders with the competence and character to address emerging global business and social challenges.
To bring these goals to fruition, we are committed to utilize all available resources efficiently in building strong research and operational facilities including: highly qualified academic staff and personnel, promoting quality education through practical case studies and discussion-based classes, student exchange programs with high-caliber foreign universities, career counseling programs, and scholarships programs for under-privileged students.
The KNU College of Business invites you today, to broaden your horizon and vision leading to the creation of knowledge that vastly advances the practice of the business world today.

  • Department of Business Administration
    • Department of Business Administration
      Name Subject, Email
      Lee, Heui-Kyung Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Sogang University)
      Strategic Management
      Kim, Young-Nam Emeritus Professor, M.B.A.
      (Sungkyunkwan University)
      Industrial Relations/Personnel Management
      Shim, Jong-Sub Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Sungkyunkwan University)
      Rhieu, Sang-Yup Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Financial Management
      Ahn, Jong-Tae Professor, Ph.D.
      (Sungkyunkwan University)
      Industrial Relations / HRM
      Kim, Jong Soon Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Prodution Management/O.R
      Oh, Tae-Hyoun Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul national University)
      Kim, Jai-Myung Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Financial Management
      Chung, Kyu-Suk Professor, Ph.D.
      (Hongik University, MS(KAIST)
      Production Management/O.R.
      Park, Sang-Kyu Professor, Dr.rer.pol
      (Aachen Univ.of Technology, Germany)
      Ahn, Sang-Youl Professor, Ph.D.
      (KonKuk University)
      Personal Resource Management
      Kim, Jung-Won Professor, Ph.D.
      (Oklahoma State University, U.S.A.)
      Organizational Behavior
      Han, Jung-Hee Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Production Management/O.R.
      Shin, Dong-Bek Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kyung Hee University)
      Financial Management
      Park, Sang-Moon Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      Strategic Management/Entrepreneurship
      Kim, Myoung-Soo, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      Ha, Hong-Youl, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)
      Lee, Jong-Ryoung Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Department of Tourism Administration
    • Department of Tourism Administration
      Name Subject, Email
      Lee, Jung-Ja, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Dankook University)
      Hotel Management
      Kim, Yeong-Gug
      (Tourism Marketing,University of Surrey,UK)
      Tourism Marketing
      Lee, Seung-Koo, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Mississippi, U.S.A)
      Leisure Management
      Song, Woon-Gang, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kyungki University)
      Tourism Economics
      Yun, Hee-Jung, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
      (Seoul National University)
      Tourism Resources
  • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Accounting
      Name Subject, Email
      Yu, Seok-Kyu, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Hong Ik University)
      Tax Accounting
      Yi, Yu, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Hong Ik University)
      Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting
      Kim, Kwang-Soo, Emeritus Professor,
      Dr.rer.pol(Mannheim University, Germany)
      Financial Accounting, Tax Policy
      Choi, Jong-Yoon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Financial Accounting, Auditing
      Pyo, Young-In, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Purdue University)
      Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting
      Jeong, Jae-Yeon, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Tax Accounting, Auditing
      Kim, Kyung-Soo, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Keimyung University)
      Financial Accounting, Finance
      Byun, Hae-Young, Associate Professor,
      Ph.D.(Seoul National University)
      Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance
      Lee, A-Young, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Sogang University)
      Financial Accounting, Corporate Disclosure
  • Department of Economics
    • Department of Tourism Administration
      Name Subject, Email
      Lee, Yun-Bok, Professor, Dr.
      (University of Meiji, Japan)
      Min, Kyung-Kuk, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Freiburg, Germany)
      History of Economic Thought
      Sohn, Byung-Ahm, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University)

      Ecological &
      Environmental Economics, Macroeconomics
      Cheong, Kimoon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Cincinnati, U.S.A.)
      Microeconomics, Cultural Economics
      Oh, Sung-Joon, Professor, M.A
      (University of Lancaster, U.K.)
      Industrial Organization
      Lee, Byeong-Cheon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University)
      Korean Economic History
      Koo, Chung Mo, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Missouri, U.S.A.)
      Macroeconomics, Public Finance
      Lee, Jongmin, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Florida, U.S.A.)
      International Economics, Mathematical Economics
      Ji, Hae-Myoung, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Cornell University, U.S.A.)
      Regional Economics, Economic Development
      Kim Won-Joong, Assistant Professor, Ph.D
      (University of Georgia, U.S.A)

      International Economics, Applied Econometrics, Resource Economics
  • Department of International Trade & Business
    • Department of Tourism Administration
      Name Subject, Email
      Park, Eui - Burm, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      International Business Management
      Lim, Jae - Yeol, Professor, M.A.
      (Seoul National University)
      International Finance
      Lee, Young -Youn, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Missouri, U.S.A.)
      Lee, Hyun - Hoon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Oregon, U.S.A.)
      International Economics
      Chung, Yong - Kyun, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Oregon, U.S.A.)
      E-business and trade,commercial studies
      Kwon, Jong - Wook, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      International Business & Comparative Management
      Sohn, Chan-Hyun, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Case Western Reserve University, U.S.A)
      International Trade, FTA, Trade Negotiation
      Kim, Tae-In, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Dongguk University)
      International Commerce, Commerce Law
      Kim, Kyung-Tae, Full-time lecturer, Ph.D.
      (Tsinghua University,China)
      International Business Management
      Moon, Chul-Han, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Sungkyunkwan University)
      International Commerce
      Kim, Byoung - Hak, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Dongguk University)
      Commerce Law
      Christopher Wolfe, Visiting Professor, M.A.
      (University of Oxford U.K)
      International Business English