Agriculture and Life Sciences

Biosystems Engineering Program is a field of applied engineering, which applies the basic knowledge of mechanical, electrical, electronics, and computer engineering to biological products. It is focused on the studies for the development of machinery, instruments, and facilities which are needed for the production, process, storage, transport and management of agriculture, forests, and livestock products. In addition, this program includes the studies on the development of application technology for the renewable energy engineering and for the BT-related system. The main courses being offered in this program are subjects related to mechanical engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, applied computer engineering, material engineering, energy engineering, biological process engineering, and food process engineering etc. The educational goal of this program is to train competent engineers who can apply the engineering knowledge to a field of bio-industry. A bachelor's degree in engineering is awarded to students of this program. For those who take a vocational high school teacher educational program, the certificate of high school teacher is awarded. After graduation, students can attain jobs in companies related to general machinery, automobiles, IT/BT-related companies, and agricultural machinery companies.

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (DARE) deals with rural economy and community development. As their pathfinder, DARE plays a leading role in solving food security and distribution issues in agricultural economics, resource, environment, and tourism issues in development economics of the 21st century through the combined education system of theories and field studies. Five major academic areas include 1) Agribusiness and Management, 2) Agricultural Marketing, 3) Food Economics, 4) Community Development, and 5) Natural Resources and Environmental Economics.

  • Department of Regional Infrastructure Engineering
    • Department of Regional Infrastructure Engineering
      Name Subject, Email
      Yeon, Kyu-Seok, Ph.D., Professor
      (Chungnam National University)
      Agricultural Facility & Structural Engineering
      Kim, Kwang-Woo, Ph.D., Professor
      (Clemson University)
      Pavement, Construction Materials Engineering
      Choi, Joong-Dae, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Maryland)
      Soil and Water, Environmental Engineering
      Kim, Ki-Sung, Ph.D., Professor
      (Hokkaido University)
      Rural Planning
      Lim, Kyoung-Jae, Ph.D., Associate Professor
      (Purdue University)
      Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering
      Kim, Yong-Seong, Ph.D. Associate Professor
      (Kyoto University)
      Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering
  • Department of Biosystems engineering
    • Department of Biosystems engineering
      Name Subject, Email
      Kang, Whoa Seug Ph.D., Professor
      (Louisiana State University)
      Power and Machinery
      Kim, Sang Hun Ph.D., Professor
      (Texas Tech University)
      Biological and Environmental Machinery
      Shin, Beom-Soo Ph.D., Professor
      (Clemson University)
      Instrumentation and Control
      Lee, Gwi-Hyun Ph.D., Professor
      (Clemson University)
      Agricultural Processing Machinery
      Kim, Dae Hyun Ph.D., Assistant Professor
      (University of California, Davis)
      Energy and Environment Systems Engineering
  • Department of Applied Plant Sciences
    • Department of Applied Plant Sciences
      Name Subject, Email
      Yu, Chang-Yeon, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Illinois)
      Plant Biotechnology
      Lee, Youn-Su, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Massachusetts)
      Plant Microbiology
      Heo, Kweon, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kyoto University)
      Plant Morphology & Taxonomy
      Kim, Myong-Jo, Ph.D., Professor
      (Okayama University)
      Bioactive Natural Product Chemistry
      Lee, Ju-Kyong, Ph.D., Associate Professor
      (Kyoto University)
      Plant Breeding & Genetics
      Jang, Cheol-Seong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
      (Korea University)
      Plant Genomics
  • Department of Applied Biology
    • Department of Energy & Resources Engineering
      Name Subject, Email
      Chung, Keun, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Georgia)
      Insect Ecology
      Cho, Sae-youll, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
      (University of Clemson)
      Kim, Sam-kyu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
      (University of Clemson)
      Kim, Kyoung Su, Ph.D., Full-time Lecturer
      (University of California, Riverside)
      Plant Pathology
  • Department of Horticulture Science
    • Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
      Name Subject, Email
      Kim, Jong-Hwa, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kyushu University)
      Kim, Il-Seop, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kyushu University)
      Vegetable Crops
      Kang, Won-Hee, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Texas Tech.)
      Plant Molecular Physiology
      Park, Sung-Min, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kyushu University)
      Breeding and Genetics
      Kang, Ho-Min, Ph.D., Associate Professor
      (Korea University)
      Plant Environmental Physiology
      Jeong, Cheon-Soon, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kangwon National University)
      Postharvest Physiology & Storage
  • School of Environment
    • School of Environment
      Name Subject, Email
      Kang, SinKyu, Professor , Ph.D.
      (Seoul National Univ.)
      Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling
      Kwak, Kyung-Hwan, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National Univ.)
      Air Quality Prediction
      Kim, Man-Goo, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Keio Univ.)
      Environmental Chemistry
      Kim, Bomchul, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
      Water Quality Management
      Kim, Songmun, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Alberta)
      Plant Biochemistry
      Kim, Hekap, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Rutgers Univ.)
      Environmental Risk Analysis
      Ahn, Tae-Seok, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul Nat. Univ.)
      Environmental Microbiology
      Yang, Jae E. Ph.D., Professor
      (Montana State University)
      Soil Environmental Chemistry
      Oh, Sang-Eun Ph.D. Professor
      (Gwang-Ju Institute of Science and Technology)
      Ok, Yong Sik, Ph.D., Professor
      (Korea University)
      Bioremediation and Climate Change
      Joo, Jin-Ho, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of Idaho)
      Soil Biochemistry
      Han, Young-Ji, Professor , Ph.D.
      (Clarkson Univ.)
      Air Pollution Monitoring and Modeling
      Hur, Jang-Hyun, Ph.D., Professor
      (University of California, Riverside)
      Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology

  • Department of Agricultural and Resources Economics
    • Department of Industrial Engineering
      Name Subject, Email
      Lee, Byung-Oh, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kyushu University)
      Agricultural Economics
      Kim, Kyung-Ryang, Ph.D., Professor
      (Goettingen University)
      Agricultural Policy
      Jeon, Un-seong, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kyushu University)
      History of Economics
      Goh, Jong-Tae, Ph.D., Professor
      (Kagoshima University)
      Agricultural Marketing
      Shin, Hio-Jung, Ph.D., Professor
      (Colorado State University)
      Environmental Economics
      Lee, Jong-In, Ph.D., Associate Professor
      (Oklahoma State University)
      Structural Analysis of Agricultural Industry

    • Department of Food Science and Biotechnology
      Department of Food Science and Biotechnology
      Name Subject, Email
      Kim, Jong-Dai, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kangwon National University, Korea)
      Nutritional Chemistry
      Oh, Deog-Hwan, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Louisiana State University, U.S.A)
      Food Microbiology(Food safety)
      Kim, Myoung-Dong, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University, Korea)
      Biomolecular engineering
      Yoon, Won-Byong, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Wisconsin-Madison , U.S.A)
      Food Process Engineering
      Ok-Hwan Lee, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
      Food Chemistry