Social Sciences

The College of Social Sciences is made up of seven departments by nature, now according to a divisional system, consists of three divisions (seven programs) : Public administration o Real estate, Politics o Communication, Social Sciences. The College is determined to raise right understanding and analysis, critical ability for making social appearance, to train and develop vision of right social sciences for students through actual education relative to practical social appearance. Each division, with prominent faculty members specializing in the various fields of the social sciences and excellent educational facilities, provides opportunities for students to find out wide and deep knowledge, takes pride in training men and women whom modern pluralistic society demands. The alumni of the college have been active in a variety of areas such as administration, finance, research, business and media institutions.

  • Department of Political Science
    • Department of Political Science
      Name Subject, Email
      Chin, Jang-Chul, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      International Relations
      Park, Sa-Myung, Professor, Ph.D.
      (State University of New York at Buffalo, U.S.A.)
      Comparative Politics
      Nah, Jeong-Won, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV , France)
      Political Philosophy
      Kim, Kee-Seok, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
      Comparative Politics
      Lee, Sun-Hyang, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Ewha Womans University)
      Comparative Politics
  • Department of Journalism & MassCommunication
    • Department of Education
      Name Subject, Email
      Park, Yong-Soo, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)span>
      Newspaper, Media Sociology
      Han, Jin-Mann, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Jung, Yoon-sik, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      New Media, Media Law
      Lee, Kwan-Youl, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Connecticut)
      Political Communication, AD
      Hong, Sung-Ku, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Internet Journalism
      Kim, Sae-Eun, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Sussex, UK)
      Cultural Studies, Critical Theory Journalism
      Kim, Hyeok-Jo, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Visual Contents Broadcasting
  • Department of Public Administration
    • Department of English Education
      Name Subject, Email
      Kwon, Hee-Jae, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Sungkyunkwan University)
      Policy Science
      Kim, Bu-Nam, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kookmin University)
      Public Personnel Administration
      Chang, Rho-Soon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Yonsei University)
      Public Finance
      Park, Dae-Soon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A)
      Regional Development Administration
      Hong, Heung-Deug, Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Manchester, UK)
      IT Policy and Evaluation
      Lim, Euy-Young, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Philosophy of Administration
      Kim, Dae-Geon, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Ariozona State, U.S.A)
      System Management
      Choi, Choong-Ik, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul University)
      Urban Administration
  • Department of Real Estate
    • Department of Real Estate
      Name Subject, Email
      Lee, Hak-Dong, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Han-Yang University)
      Urban Planning, Land Use Planning,
      Moon, Young-Ki, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kobe University, Japan)
      Real Estate Management, Real Estate Taxation
      Kim, Gab-Youl, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kon-Kuk University)
      Real Estate Policy, Real Estate Location
      Jang, Hee-Soon, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Kobe University, Japan)
      Principle of Real Estate Science, Real Estate Marketing,
      Real Estate Development, Real Estate Consulting,
      Jung, Jun-Ho, Professor, D.Phil
      (Oxford University, England)
      Urban And Regional Economic, Real Estate Economic,
      Jun, Jae-Bum, professor, ph.D
      (Texas A&M University, USA)
      Investment in Real Estate, Financial of Real Estate
  • Department of Psychology
    • Department of Psychology
      Name Subject, Email
      Hong, Sook-Kee, Professor,,
      (Gottingen University, Germany)
      Personality Psychology
      Yi, In-Hyae, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Chung-Ang University)
      Clinical Psychology
      Kang, Eunjoo, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,USA)
      Biological Psychology
      Kham, Keetaek, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Yonsei University)
      Experimental Psychology
      Yang, Byunghwa, Ph.D.
      (Chungang University)
      Industrial&Consumer Psychology
  • Department of Cultural Anthropology
    • Department of Cultural Anthropology
      Name Subject, Email
      Yim, Bong-Kil, Emeritus Professor, Ph.D.
      (University Montpellier ill et Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociale, France)
      Social Anthropology, Anthropological Theory (Structuralism and Neo-Marxism), Culture Change
      Kim, Yong-Whan, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Rutgers University, U.S.A.),
      Kinship, Human Ecology, Cognitive Anthropology
      Kim, Hyung-Jun, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Australian National University, Australia)
      Anthropology of Religion, Southeast Asian Studies
      Kim, Se-Gun, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico)

      Mexican Area Studies, Ecological Anthropology, Kangwon Area Studies
      Han, Geon-Soo, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A.)
      Ethnicity, Anthropology of History, African Studies, International Migration, Multicultural Society, Globalization African Migrants and Transnational Network
      Kim, Min-Jung, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University, Korea)
      Southeast Asian Studies, Anthropology of Gender, Female Migration and Transnational Asia.
  • Programs of Sociology
    • Programs of Sociology
      Name Subject, Email
      Jeon, Tae-Kook, Professor, Dr.Phil.,
      (Frankfurt University, Germany)
      Sociology of Knowledge, History of Social Thought
      Kim, June-Ho, Professor, M.A.
      (Yonsei University)
      Social Psychology, Sociology of Social Problems, Sociology of Health and Medicine
      Lee, Tai-Won, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Criminology, Social Problems, Social Research
      Kim, Won-Dong, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Korea University)
      Social Class, Political Sociology
      Chung, Sung-Ho, Professor, Ph.D.
      (State University of New York at Albany, U.S.A.)
      Demography, Urban Sociology, Social Research
      Lee, Ki-Hong, Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University)
      Social Theory, Methodology of Social Science, Philosophy of Social Science
      Kim, Jae-Hun, Associate Professor, Ph.D.
      (Seoul National University)
      Industrial Sociology, Sociology of Oranization, Sociology of Information