Academic Calendar 2016

2016 KNU Academic Calendar
January 2016 25th (Mon) ~ 27th (Wed) Spring Semester Pre-Registration
February 11st (Thu) ~ 12nd (Fri) Spring Semester New Students Course Registration
16th (Tue) ~ 19th (Fri) Spring Semester Course Registration
22nd (Mon) Graduation Ceremony
22nd (Mon) ~ 25th (Thu) Tuition Fee Payment
22nd (Mon) ~ 26th (Fri) Leave of Absence/Return to school Application
29th (Mon) Matriculation Ceremony
March 2nd (Wed) Spring Semester Begins
7th (Mon) ~ 9th (Wed) Add/Drop Courses
14th (Mon) Finalize Spring Semester Attendance Sheet
April 5th (Tue) 1/3 of Class Days
27th (Wed) Last Day of Midterms
May 10th (Tue) ~ 12nd (Thu) Summer Session Course Registration
13rd (Fri) ~ 20th(Fri) Minor Major Application
23rd (Mon) ~ 27th (Fri) Summer Session Tuition Fee Payment
June 8th (Wed) ~ 13rd (Mon) Make?up Class Period
8th (Wed) ~ 28th (Tue) Spring Semester On?line Course Evaluation
14th (Tue) University Annicersary Day
21st (Tue) End of Spring Semester, Last Day od Finals
27th (Mon) Summer Session Begins
July 5th (Tue) ~ 10th(Sun) Spring Semester Grade Check
13th (Wed) ~ 25th (Mon) Summer Session On?line Course Evaluation
19th (Tue) Spring Semester Grade Confirmation
20th (Wed) End of Summer Session
August 3rd (Wed) ~ 5th (Fri) Fall Semester Pre-Registration
16th (Tue) ~ 19th (Fri) Fall Semester Course Registration
22nd (Mon) ~ 31rd (Wed) Leave of Absence/Re-admission Application
23rd (Tue) ~ 26th (Fri) Tuition Fee Payment
31st (Wed) Graduation Ceremony
September 1st (Thu) Fall Semester Begins
5th (Mon) ~ 7th(Wed) Add/Drop Courses
19th (Mon) Finalize Fall Semester Attendance Sheet
20th (Tue) ~ 22th (Thu) Dae Dong Je (University Festival)
October 11st (Tue) 1/3 of Class Days
November 1st (Tue) Last Day of Midterms
1st (Tue) ~ 3rd (Thu) Winter Session Course Registration
11st (Fri) ~ 18th (Fri) Minor, Double Major Application
21st (Mon) ~ 25th (Fri) Winter Session Tuition Fee Payment
24 (Thu) ~ 26 (Sat) New Student Interview for Admission (No Classes)
December 1st (Thu) ~ 7th (Wed) Change of Major Application
7th (Wed) ~ 29th (Thu) Fall Semester E-learning Course Evaluation
8th (Thu) ~ 15th (Thu) Make-up Classes Period
22nd (Thu) End of Fall Semester, Last Day of Finals
26th (Mon) Winter Session Begins
January 2017 4th (Wed) ~ 10th (Tue) Fall Semester Grade Check
10th (Tue) ~ 23rd (Mon) Winter Session On?line Course Evaluation
18th (Wed) End of Winter Session
19th (Thu) Fall Semester Grade Confirmation
23rd (Mon) ~ 25th (Wed) Spring Semester Pre?Registration
February 22nd (Med) Graduation Ceremony
28th (Tue) Matriculation Ceremony

Schedule for Graduation Students


1st Semester

2nd Semester

Apply for the thesis submission qualification exam (KNU portal)

February 12 ~ March 26

August 1 ~ August 19

Thesis Submission

Qualification Exam

Major exam

March 7 ~ March 17

September 1~ September 8

Foreign language test

March 18

September 9

Apply for the evaluation of doctoral thesis (KNU portal)

March 24 ~ April 1

September 19 ~ September 30

Apply for the evaluation of master’s thesis (KNU portal)

April 18 ~ April 29

October 17 ~ October 31

Report the thesis evaluation result

June 15

December 7

Submit the final thesis

July 6

January 4