Dual Degree Program

  • The '2+2 degree program' is a bachelor's degree program jointly provided by KNU and partner institutes, which requires at least two years of study (four semesters) in respective institute in order for the students to receive bachelor's degree from both institutes.
  • KNU offers dual degree programs with the Yanbian University and Beihua University, China.
  • Academic Programs of Application
    • The admitted student should enroll only for the program of the corresponding majors in the host university.
    • The admitted student should enroll for at least two years in the host university and followed the rules and regulations given by the host university to complete his (her) bachelor's degree.
    • The details of the courses such as the required number of credits, and other program matters for the admitted students will be given by the corresponding department to the corresponding major after the mutual consent of each.
  • Graduation and Conferment of Degrees

    : Upon student’s completing the program fulfilling the requirements given by both home and host universities, each institute should confer a bachelor’s degree of the major the student enrolled in.