Certificate requests must be submitted to the Academic Affairs(☎033-250-8272) located on Na-Rae-Kwan 1st floor.
Certificates are available in both Korean and English. There are several ways to contact the Academic affairs to request a certificate: visiting in person, via e-mail or postal mail, or through automated issuance machines situated on Na-Rae-Kwan 1st floor and 60th Anniversary Hall 2nd floor. Also, KNU offer KNU portal online request services.

  • Types of certificates available(both Korean and English versions of certificates are available, for 300 KRW and 600 KRW respectively.)
    • Proof of enrollment
    • Transcript
    • Certificate of Tuition Payment
    • Certificate of Scholarship Receipt
    • Certificate of Graduation
    • etc.
  • Overseas
    • Send email to with your personal information like name, student number, telephone number and address.

If you have any questions regarding certificates contact the Academic Affairs at +82-33-250-8272 or send e-mail to
Business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00, except holidays.