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ChunCheon which is located in the central part of Korea stands in the midstream of Bukhan River, one of the largest tributaries of Han River. Especially, mainstream of Bukhan River that runs down taking its source from Mt. Geumkang joins Soyang River running down from Mt. Seolak to the south of Samcheon-dong to become Sinyoung River, and flows into Gapyeong and cheongpyeong.
The area drained by river is formed of alluvial soil that is eroded from granite of an upper stream and transported to the lower reaches, and Udu-beol and Seambat-beol are proper for cultivation as alluvial soil with its high humus content. ChunCheon valley is formed with mountain range rising about 650~890m above the sea level, including Yonghwa Mountain to the north, Hwahak Mountain to the west, Daeryong Mountain to the east and Geumbyoung Mountain to the south etc., with Bongui Mountain, the gardian mountain of ChunCheon as the center, like folding screens all directions. ChunCheon has the average climate between South and North Korea and while locating inland far from the sea, it has the inland climate. Besides, due to significant difference of temperature, although the annual mean temperature is 10℃, severe cold of less than 20℃ below zero is sometimes recorded in winter. The average rainfall is about 1,250mm and is concentrated in summer.

Gong - Gi - Chun

Especially, as Soyang Dam, ChunCheon Dam and Uiam Dam are constructed, the number of foggy days relatively increases due to artificial lakes and growth of the crops is somewhat hindered with sudden increase of patients in respiratory disorders and joint problems. However, artificial lakes made by dams stand in the spotlight, as a sightseeing spot for the population of capital cities, as well as a rest area where people can enjoy fishing, boating and windsurfing harmonizing with neighboring mountains. Moreover, it is famous as the most pleasant residential area with low pollution than any other cities nationwide. This is proved by the fact that Taekliji of Lee Jung-Hwan published in late Choseon period counts ChunCheon as the second-best place to live in Korea next to Waesung of Pyongyang.

Location : 127 degrees of east longitude & 37 degrees north latitude
ChunCheon is located in a basin surrounded by mountains in all directions: the distance from east to west is 47km55.5m and 53km12.03m from north to south.
Area : ChunCheon, of which area is 1,116.43㎢.
Population : Approximately 256,000 persons (256,454 persons)

Chuncheon, as the city of lake sightseeing taking pride in clear water and blue mountains, is located at a distance of an hour, 80 km from Seoul to the northeast, and is the city where service industries including education, finance etc. are developed, as the seat of a provincial government in Gangwon, located in the middle of the Penninsula to be the center of Pecificrim era and pure lake city adjacent to metropolitan area of 20 mil. population.

Chuncheon was selected as the culture city and the superior self-governing body in city management in 1995 and as animation town, first ranked city by culture and welfare index and the superior self-governing body in national management profit business in 1996, and the best place to live in throughout the nation, national best city in management and business results and the most excellent self-governing body etc. in 1997. In 1998, as knowledge-based industries began to take root, Chuncheon was designated as S/W promotion district, Bio-resources nurturing model city and the best information city, and the city was designated as the digital library specialized in the field of animation in 1999. It was appointed as the electronic cash model city and venture independent nurturing district neighboring the Hi-Tech Venture Town in 2000, and as the national institute of superior financial management and city of successful culture.

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Chuncheon is widely known as the city of four seasons festivals and sightseeing & events; In the spring, Chuncheon holds the International Mime Festival, the best in Asia and Bomnae(Spring Season) Art Festival. In the summer, there are Chuncheon Puppet Festival, Korean traditional festival of culture and tourism, Makguksu Festival(Makguksu is a traditional Korean dish of local noodles topped with spicy seasoning), International cartoon festival, International theatre festival and Riverside Song Festival, the greatest music festival of youths. One of the key festivals offered during autumn is the Chosun Ilbo Chuncheon Marathon Competition, which is held on a fantastic marathon course through the beautifully synchronized scenery of Uiam Lake, and the Soyang Festival. Chuncheon holds the National Ice Sports Competition during the winter, to regain the fame as the home town of ice sports in 1960's.