• Location
    Gangwon-do (province) is mainly divided into the Yeongdong (east of mountain range) and Yeongseo (west of Mountain range) with the Taebaek Mountain ranges that are developed along the east side of Korean peninsula.
    It ranges the north latitude over from 37 degrees and 02 minutes to 38 degrees and 37 minutes, and the east longitude over 127 degrees and 05 minutes to 129 degrees and 22 minutes.
    The north latitude of 38 degree line is nearly through the central part of the peninsula, and the truce line is lined up from around the north latitude 38 degrees and 45 minutes in Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun towards the southern west direction where meets Hyangro-bong (mountain peak), connecting the northern part of Mundeung-ri (ri for small town) and Gimhwa-eup (eup for town)around the north latitude of 38 degrees and 20 minutes with the distance of 145 km.

    Gangwon province map

  • Area

    The total land size of Gangwon-do accounts for 20,569 ㎢, among which the land portion in the south from the truce line corresponds to 67.8%, or 16,873.73㎢, a vast land size which is about 16.9% of whole land size of South Korea´s 99,765 ㎢. The Gangwon-do land is consisted of about 81.6%, or 13,782 ㎢ of forests,whereas the land for farming is only 8.4%, or 1,725.6 ㎢, and others as 10%.

    Gangwon province mascot

    The land size that can be used for farming can be divided into the mountainous fields of 746.4 ㎢, and the fields for cultivating rice as 653 ㎢, which rate is rice field 47% to mountainous field 53%. The average land size that each farming family is in possession corresponds to 1.4㏊.
    In the meanwhile, the land size by the sea levels can be divided into 946.2 ㎢ of lower than 100m sea level, or 5.6%, 7,773 ㎢ of higher than 100m sea level, or 46%, while the portion of mountainous lands between 500m and 1000m accounts for 8178.8 ㎢. When compared with the national land usages, the rice fields account for 4.9%, the mountainous fields for 9.9%, while the lands of forestry for 21% of the total national land size.

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