Korea Language Program

Introduction to the Korean Courses at the International Lauguage Institute(I.L.I)


The International Language Institute at Kangwon National University offers a Korean Language Learning Program for non-native speakers. Our program is designed for foreigners who want to apply for undergraduate or graduate universities in Korea. It is combined with a course study of the basic textbooks and a practical program of various cultural experiences, which is desirable for both foreign students to adjust to the Korean life-style and overseas Koreans to have better understanding of Korean culture along with learning the Standard Korean. Our program is offered on a year-round basis, so you may choose to begin your studies when it is most convenient for you. The classes are divided into five levels, and all new students will take a placement test to study in a suitable class.

What We Offer

  • A system of 4 sessions per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions)
  • Adequate level assignment by means of a comprehensive placement test and full academic supervision
  • Culture classes: Cultural hands-on classes along with regular Korean classes.
  • Visits to cultural/historical sites in the vicinity of Chuncheon
  • Access to the Kangwon National University Central Library and free use of various other campus facilities
  • Support from student circles with currently enrolled students of Kangwon National University
  • Opportunities to experience various Korean university lifestyles and local culture

Academic Calender

Academic Calender
Term Course Duration Application and Payment Deadline Placement Test
Class Days Weeks
2016 Spring 3.14~5.24 12.28~1.22 ~3.2 3.7
Summer 6.13~8.19 4.4~4.29 ~6.1 6.7
Fall 9.19~11.25 7.11~8.5 ~8.31 9.6
Winter 12.12~2.17 10.4~10.28 ~11.30 12.5
2017 Spring 3.13~5.26 12.26~1.26 ~3.2 3.6
Summer 6.12~8.18 4.3~4.28 ~5.31 6.2
Fall 9.11~11.24 7.3~7.28 ~8.30 9.4
Winter 12.11~2.23 10.10~11.3 ~11.29 12.4

Class Hours

Class Hours
Class Time Class Days Weeks Total Class Hours
09:00~13:00 Mon.~Fri. 10weeks 200hours




Graduates from a high school or beyond, or those with an equivalent education background.

Required Documents

  • Application form 3 (Resume & Self Introduction, Study Plan and Sponsor Letter) to be written in Microsoft Word (Please download the forms from I.L.I. website)
  • Copy of passport
  • Graduation Diploma from the most highest level of education. It must be certified by :
    1) APOSTILLE stamps on the documents in case the students has attended or graduated from school(s) in a country that is a member of the Hague Convention ; or
    2) Korean Consulate Confirmation ; or
    3) China Qualifications Verification of China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center when the student has attended or graduated from school(s) in People’s Republic of China
  • Final Academic Transcript
    - Sponsor Letter and his/her Certificate of Deposit showing a proof of more than 9,000$ deposit(2 semester)
    - The relationship between the applicant and the sponsor should be proved with a Statement or a Certificate.
  • 3 Photos (same size with the passport photo with a white background)
  • ※ Additional documents may be requested if needed.
    ※ Submitted documents are not be returned.

Class Hours
Class Time Class Days Weeks Total Class Hours
09:00~13:00 Mon.~Fri. 10weeks 200hours

※ Tuition and class schedule for each semester are subject to change

Tuition fee

  • Application Fee : 70,000 KRW
  • Tuition fee: 1,100,000 KRW per 1 semester

※ D-4 type visa applicants should register at least 2 terms.

Application Process

Application Process
Submission of required documents announcement of admissions decision Tuition payment Issuance of Admission letter Visa application at Korean embassy Placement test Notice of Test result/
attendance in orientation
Taking courses

Refund Regulation

Refund Regulation
Date when refund is requested Refundable amount
Prior to the 1st day of a semester total
Within 5 days after the 1st day of a semester 90% of the semester’s tuition
6 days and more after the 1st day of a semester No refund

Contact Information