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Business Administration

Originally established in 1970 as Department of Business Administration, College of Business Administration began its path as the current major/department system in 1980 and has achieved impressive growth and development within a short period of time less than half a century. It is the result of devotion by all faculty, students and alumni to raise talented individuals who will play a pivotal role in development of the nation and region under the objective of 『cultivating talents with hands-on skills』 to practice the school's motto of 『”Sil-Sa-Gu-Si” (a Korean proverb meaning “to strive for pragmatism”)』.

Now College of Business Administration is dreaming a new leap and growth as an open university to the future and to the world beyond its geographical boundary as one of the Flagship Korean National Universities in the Gangwon region and metropolitan area. It obtained accreditation of business administration in the education field, and it promotes international exchanges, including student exchange programs, with universities around the world. The department also offers various systems and programs focused on needs of students such as the career development system through 『Dream-Design』 Consultation. Under the undergraduate system composed of 2 divisions (4 majors) and 2 departments, students learn to become leaders with practical skills through special programs of the major/department unit and joint programs at the university level.

The best way to predict future is building one's own future. College of Business Administration will be the leader of making a global prestigious university that can lead changes and explore the future with the faculty, students, alumni and everyone else who are giving us supports and interests.