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Division of Business Administration and Accounting 관련 이미지

Division of Business Administration and Accounting

Division of Business Administration and Accounting aims to cultivate key players with business and accounting mindset as well as character and professionalism suitable for the competitive business environment.
To achieve this, detailed majors of administration and accounting operate basic subjects for each major, and courses that can offer integrated knowledge of two majors to train T-type experts with basic and practical abilities.

Department of Business Administration

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Department of Business Administration was established in 1970, which is the first business department to be established in Gangwon-do, and aims to foster creative and talented administrative individuals with character and professionalism demanded by the modern society by studying and learning theories and application methods related to business phenomena. Majors of Department of Business Administration operate a variety of education programs to achieve four goals as follows: ① administration expertise, ② field adaptability, ③ global competence, and ④ ethics. In particular, it offers systematic curricula to raise talents who can carry out rational decision making and secure differentiated competitive advantages in a variety of organizations including corporations, public institutions, and non-profit organizations.

  • 107, College of Business Administration #1
  • 033-250-6140
  • 033-259-5531

Department of Accounting

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Over 3,000 graduates from Department of Accounting, which was established in 1979, are taking pivotal roles in all levels of society and exerting their abilities and skills as accounting specialists. Graduates of Department of Accounting are working as liberal professionals including CPA, tax accountant, and Certified Appraiser by obtaining licenses. They also advance to various fields of industry such as general enterprises, financial institutions, government-funded institutions, civil servants, teaching professions (commercial education), and self-employment.

  • 312, Global Business Hall
  • 033-250-6170
  • 033-259-5531
Division of Economics & Information Statistics 관련 이미지

Division of Economics & Information Statistics

Division of Economics & Information Statistics aims to foster talented individuals with economic and information statistical knowledge, application ability, and social refinement; economic experts with information and statistical analysis ability demanded by the information era; and statistical experts with economic judgment ability.

Department of Economics

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► Train intellectuals who understand the principles of economy and have application ability of actual economy
► Train creative talents with practical ability who can adapt to the convergent economic environment
► Train talents with ability to judge and sociality to contribute to regional economy

  • 313, Global Business Hall
  • 033-250-6120
  • 033-259-5534

Department of Information Statistics

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► Train talented individuals with creative and rational mindset to collect and analyze high-dimensional intelligent, mass data of the 4th Industrial Revolution era which cannot be solved with artificial intelligence only
► Train statistical experts with rational decision making skills in various application fields of statistics including economy

  • 313, Global Business Hall
  • 033-250-8430
  • 033-259-5663

Department of Tourism Administration

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Department of Tourism Administration is a department with time-honored tradition, being the first department to be established among national universities in 1974. Its undergraduate program as well as graduate school of Master’s and PhD courses are organically interconnected.
Department of Tourism Administration educates theories and practical affairs in various fields of tourism such as tourism industries including hotels, travel agencies, airlines, casinos, conventions, festivals, and dining; tourism management including tourism marketing; and development and planning of leisure and tourism resources. The department also supports interdisciplinary education and researches by organizing various subjects related to tourism in humanities and natural science as our basic major subjects, to cultivate integrated experts of tourism.

  • 309, Global Business Hall
  • 033-250-6160
  • 033-259-5532

Department of International Trade

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Department of International Trade aims to train experts of global trade and business to lead the era of globalization. The department has established a base for training convergent-type creative talents of the 21st century by integrating international economy, regional studies, and international trade. Foreign students are taking undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD courses in this department, and there are exchange students from all parts of the world including Europe. A number of students are dispatched to sister universities in the U.S., Japan, China and more as foreign exchange students or language course students under active supports by the school. Furthermore, overseas classes are carried out each year through ”Field Practice of International Trade” and ”Understanding International Development Cooperation” courses.

  • 1106, College of Business Administration #1
  • 033-250-6180
  • 033-259-5534