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Convergence playground of engineering, culture and art! ACE COLLEGE!

ACE College is the new name of Kangwon National University's "College of Art, Culture and Engineering", which has been innovatively integrated since March 2019. The College of Engineering and the College of Culture and Arts opened in 1974 and 1977, with the purpose of cultivating excellent human resources who will play a pioneering role in the development of engineering and culture and arts. In 2019, through 「Innovative College Integration」, we created ACE College, a playground of convergence leaders that embraces culture and arts and engineering, and provide creative convenience to the future society and human life.

ACE College pursues the college’s educational goal, 「A talented person with creativity to lead innovation in the global era, crossing the boundaries of art and engineering」 and working hard to nurture convergence manpower with following competencies with 120 professors from 17 departments/majors.

  • Professionalism and creative thinking skills necessary to realize future-oriented values ​​in the fields of culture, arts and engineering
  • Enterprising spirit to simultaneously pursue sustainable prosperity of the region and the world
  • Moral character that enhances the value of life, presents a vision for life, and pursues the common good of mankind and society
  • Convergent thinking ability to realize new art or engineering content that combines cultural and artistic sensibility and engineering knowledge

ACE College boldly breaks away from the old framework and boundaries of existing education and opens and operates a variety of multidisciplinary liberal arts/major courses based on 「1 art for 1 person」 and 「1 technique for 1 person」. We are preparing for the era of the 4th industrial revolution through innovative programs that respond to future convergence technologies, such as the establishment of a new AI application research group

A new playground for education, research, industry-university cooperation, and employment like never before! KNU ACE College becomes the protagonist of the stage!