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Agriculture and Life Sciences

Educational Goals / Characteristics

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences aims to cultivate high-quality manpower who can research, develop, and apply key technologies that are required to develop the food industry, which is the basic strategic element for survival of people and national development, into high-tech industry.

Major Details and Fields

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers various majors including Applied Plant Sciences, Biological Environment, Regional Infrastructure Engineering, Applied Biology, Horticultural Science, Biosystems Engineering, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Food Science & Biotechnology, and Environmental Science. And it operates various programs related to "dream-like bioengineering; environment, which provides the root of human life and health; development of the food production industry, which is the basic strategic element for survival of people and national development; securement of diversity in microorganisms and bioresources; base engineering and industrial engineering for biological production; and improvement of the quality of human life through the utilization of gene resources and plant resources".

Career after Graduation / Outlook

Graduates can work as civil servants of national research institutions related to agriculture (Rural Development Administration, Agricultural Research and Extension Services, Agricultural Technology Center, Institute of Health & Environment, National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service, and more) or work at research institutes and businesses related to the major, fertilizer and pesticides companies, construction companies, design and inspection companies, major agricultural machinery companies, financial institutions, public enterprises, distribution companies, and biosciences laboratories. Students can also continue their studies by going to graduate schools or studying abroad.