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Animal Life Sciences

The animal industry was developed to enrich the survival and life quality of humans. As the culture of the economic sector expands, and demands of people are diversified, the domain of the animal industry is expanding to a comprehensive study that covers fields of production of economic animals, development and processing of animal feeds, processing and distribution of produced goods, hygiene, and environment.

College of Animal Life Sciences is the only specialized school among the national universities across the nation for comprehensively studying and educating animal industries by field in college unit. The department boasts renowned professors in each academic area, and is equipped with basic and advanced experiment and practice equipment in general laboratory as well as laboratories in each major sector. Thus, the department carries out field-focused education through experiments and practices at animal farms and general study of theories and principles related to animal resources.

Furthermore, it is leading the activities of education, research, volunteer, etc. by organically linking researches of professors from each field and performing advanced and cooperative researches through the Institute of Animal Resources.