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Department of Animal Industry Convergence

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Department of Animal Industry Convergence aims to nurture practical and creative young talents required by the industry and the research institute through a multidisciplinary convergence of the novel study and field-based educational system by connecting the 4th Industrial Revolution with welfare eco-animal industry, animal bio-industry, healthcare, future food resources and energy.

  • 409, College of Animal Life Sciences #1
  • 033-250-8620
  • 033-259-5572

Department of Applied Animal Science

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In the Department of Applied Animal Science, students are educated to become professional individuals with academic abilities and advanced technologies to improve human health and quality of life. We are supporting excellent education and training services related to animal biotechnology and science of animal products. The department cover recent scientific areas such as genetic engineering of animals, animal genomics, developmental and stem cell biology, animal/food microbiology, milk/meat science and processing, animal byproducts, functional food ingredients, bioactive substances, food safety and hygiene, etc. After graduation, students will have great job opportunities from animal/biotechnology/biomedical/food/pharmaceutical companies, fertility clinics, research institutes, national institutes (as public servants), etc. To extend the academic career of students, we have a great graduate program for master or doctoral degrees or we will guide students for studying abroad.

  • 220, College of Animal Life Sciences #2
  • 033-250-8630
  • 033-250-5574

Department of Animal Science

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The Department of Animal Science at Kangwon National University offers undergraduate and graduate programs based on a variety of teaching and research programs. Our teaching and research programs advance our understanding of various animal species and address local and global issues facing the current animal researches and industries. Our goals are to discover and develop new knowledge and information to benefit animal species as well as human beings. The Department’s faculty members have diverse interests in animal nutrition physiology, feeding management, animal breeding and genetics, animal genomics, reproduction technology, and their industrial application.

  • 207, College of Animal Life Sciences #1
  • 033-250-8610
  • 033-259-5572