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Arts & Culture

College of Arts & Culture is composed of 6 departments (Department of Design, Department of Dance, Department of Fine Art, Department of Sport Science, Department of Visual Culture, and Department of Music), and educates professionalism and execution ability as cultural artists by selecting talented students in various fields.

College of Arts & Culture aims for open culture based on convergence of imagination of emotions and intelligence, for arts that expand the depth and breadth of humanity, and to raise creative leaders who can guide global cultural industries.

Our following departments try to find the contact point with the public while maximizing the aesthetics of pure art as follows: Department of Music with opera performances, orchestra and chamber music concerts, vocal and instrumental recital, and composition recital; Department of Dance with ballet, Korean dance, and modern dance performances; and Department of Fine Art with production and exhibition of western paintings, sculpture, and Korean paintings.

Department of Design is achieving steady results at home and abroad by producing outstanding designers with an aim to create practical and beautiful design. Department of Visual Culture is the new growth power of the 21st century that cultivates high quality individuals to enhance cultural technologies and industries. Department of Sport Science is fostering professional sports leaders in the fields of school physical education, life sports, sports and leisure industry, and sports coaching.