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Since its foundation in 1969, the College of Education has produced 10,000 graduates with secondary teaching certificates. Approximately 7,100 graduates are working as teachers across the country including Gangwon-do, Seoul, and Gyeonggi-do, and many of them have made their way into a professorship.

The College of Education successfully increased the ratio of students from the metropolitan areas up to 40%, and the number of students of the upper rank classes is steadily increasing. It offers outstanding educational experiences and professors with knowledge and experience.

It offers educational facilities include division (department) seminar rooms, curriculum education office, experiment and practice rooms, geographic system lecture room, calligraphy room, educational media studio, GIS and quantitative geography laboratory, analytical laboratory for class behavior (installed One Way Mirror), multimedia learning material development room, educational information laboratory, multimedia foreign language study room, and an astronomical observatory. It also operates foreign language (English) lectures, native speaker education, and various foreign culture experiences in preparation for internationalization.

In a bid for the employment of graduates, the College of Education offers practical teacher recruitment measures through invitation of instructors from famous educational institutes in Seoul.

In addition, it offers systematic career education through the adviser system by major and year, and actively helps students in their job searches by connecting them to a network of department professors.