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Social Sciences

Kangwon National University is moving toward the world for the era of globalization, and College of Social Sciences is at the forefront.

All social sciences are studies to cultivate critical intelligence, integrated sensitivity, and practical intelligence for clearer and brighter future through scientific investigation on social phenomena.

College of Social Sciences is composed of 7 departments including Department of Public Administration, Department of Real Estate, Department of Political Science, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology, and Department of Cultural Anthropology. They all operate the best faculty and high-tech facilities for students to build extensive general knowledge and specialized knowledge.

All lecture rooms are turned into multimedia rooms and two computer labs are equipped with latest facilities for informatization of researches and education to cope with the rapidly progressing globalization. Keeping up with this 'hardware' expansion, continuous innovation of all kinds of 'software' such as various teaching and learning methods will be unfolded to promote democratic, open, and prospective communications between professors and students as well as the civil society and the international society.

College of Social Sciences welcomes all students who have a great interest in the humankind, society, ethnicity, and world.

Students who enjoy extensive reading, deep thinking, and open discussions will be able to participate in various practical activities for clearer and brighter future by goring through 4 years of 'polishing' in the 'Square of Intelligence’ provided by our university.