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Forest and Environmental Sciences

The College of Forest and Environmental Sciences is the only college in Korea to provide education on the forest and environmental field. It cultivates high-quality manpower with practical knowledge related to the effective production, management, and protection of forest resources, best use of woods and paper technology, and the creation of pleasant ecological landscapes and living environments to cope with the demands of the modern society, which is becoming more specialized and industrialized.

The College of Forest and Environmental Sciences operates the Forest Science Research Institute, Changgang Institute of Paper Science & Technology, Experiment Forest, and EPLC (Eco Piece Leadership Center) as the cooperative and affiliate institutions for advanced research and education. The College of Forest and Environmental Sciences reinforced the academic and industrial cooperative system with these institutions to continuously provide high-quality manpower to governmental organizations, research institutes, and businesses related to forest and environment. The academic cooperation course for graduate students helps them form organic relationships.

The College of Forest and Environmental Sciences operates certificate preparation courses for students so they can obtain additional points in preparation for employment for various positions, such as forest engineer, forest product processing engineer, forest seeding engineer, plant protection engineer, landscape architecture engineer, engineer in natural environment and ecological restoration, urban planning engineer, survey geo-spatial information engineer, cultural properties repair engineer, and tree protection engineer. Furthermore, with the increasing demands for employment as civil officials of the forest and environment field, including forest resources and landscaping, the College of Forest and Environmental Sciences provides unlimited support and education in helping students prepare for employment by selecting candidates and operating a special course for preparation of civil service.

Meanwhile, the College of Forest and Environmental Sciences operates various sister university and student exchange programs to enhance international education and practices, recognizing education completed in overseas schools as acquired credits. During the semester, famous professors and students from overseas universities are invited to provide intensive lectures for international exchanges.

The College of Forest and Environmental Sciences operates reeducation programs for employed and unemployed graduates during vacation and has enhanced education in the field of computing to raise the employment rate and practical ability of graduates.