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Department of Nursing

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Established in 1996, the Department of Nursing aims to cultivate creative intellectuals, practical nursing workers, and humanistic volunteers through systematic education based on its vision of ‘creative nursing college for cultivating professional intellectuals of nursing who pput their knowledge to use.’ Professors and students of the Department of Nursing work together to create a place of education to train professional intellectuals of nursing who can improve national health and contribute to the construction of a welfare society by learning the knowledge, skills, and attitude required for maintaining, enhancing, preventing, and rehabilitating the health condition of humans. In 2000, it produced its first batch of graduates, all of whom have passed the state examination due to the department’s systematic and effective education. Since then, graduates have achieved a 100% pass rate and boast a high employment rate. Most graduates are actively working in outstanding medical institutes of the Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Gangwon regions. It also strives to improve the research and academic ability of students by opening the Master’s course of graduate school in 1998 and the doctorate course in 2008.

  • 416, School of Medicine #2
  • 033-250-8880
  • 033-259-5636