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Biomedical Science

Educational Goals / Characteristics

College of Biomedical Science aims to cultivate talents with basic education, creative research ability, and the spirit of communication and volunteer based on bioscience/engineering to enhance the quality of human lives. In other words, the mission of our college is to train creative pioneers of biomedical science and biomedical industry of the 21st century as well as global talents with creativity and integrated leadership. College of Biomedical Science offers various programs such as LINC+ Project Group and Medical BIT Education Support Center (supported by the Ministry of Education) to help student's education, employment activities, and competence development.

Major Details and Fields

College of Biomedical Science is composed of Division of Biomedical Convergence (Department of Systems Immunology and Department of Medical Biotechnology), Department of Molecular Bioscience, Department of Bio-Health Technology, and Department of Medical Biomaterials Engineering. The Graduate School offers Department of Biomedical Science (Master’s and PhD courses) and Department of Bio-Health Technology (Master’s course). College of Biomedical Science operates Biomedical Science Research Institute and Antibody Research Institute for research support, and is connected with Scripps Korea Antibody Institute and Stem Cell Research Institute.

Career after Graduation / Outlook

Graduates advance to various fields including bioscience research institutes, national universities, public health and medical centers, genetic industry, companies of food, cosmetics, and overall bioindustry, pharmaceutical companies, and medicine. Students can also advance to graduate schools or medical/law schools to have professional career. (Hankook Korus Pharm, LG Household & Health Care, Korea Yakult, Green Cross, Ottogi, Amorepacific, CJ Research Institute of Biotechnology, HUGEL, Boditech Med, Gyeonggi Natural Products Research, RADIANT, Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Severance Hospital, Handok, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, JW Pharmaceutical, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Han Wha Pharma, Boryung Pharmaceutical, Kolon Life Science, Celltrion, IL-YANG Pharmaceutical, Yuhan Corporation, Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical, Erom, PharmAbcine, Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation, Samsung BioLogics, banks, Korean National Police Agency, national and public governmental officials, Institute of Health & Environment, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), Scripps Korea Antibody Institute (SKAI), overseas companies and more)