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The College of Humanities educates and researches the humanities that become the foundation of all studies. The humanities aim to raise the dignity of humankind by learning liberal arts through a study of language, culture, history, and philosophy. The College of Humanities provides effective education of the traditional humanities in the face of the 21st century of information through the latest technologies and facilities.

Through a long-distance study room that operates video lectures as well as 1:1 voice and video chatting with various overseas countries including Waseda University of Japan, students learn to adapt to the era of internationalization.

The College of Humanities also offers digital multimedia courses in multiple special lecture rooms. Various contents required for these courses are directly produced and developed in the media editing studio.
The College of Humanities plans to reinforce computer education and practices to lead informatization. Additionally, it will strengthen foreign language education and develop practical foreign language education programs to cope with the global era.

For the media generation that is familiar with digital and video culture, the College of Humanities jointly develops courses related to visual and performance art, and reinforces joint researches of courses that cover culture and art in overseas and domestic regions.

Through these efforts, the College of Humanities will lead cyber education and distance education by developing new educational contents and incorporating the latest IT technologies and multimedia educational media into the humanities. The College of Humanities will grow as a university that can contribute to the education and research of Northeast Asian humanities and the development of Northeast Asian culture by taking the initiative in ensuring that Korea plays a leading role in the politics, economy, and culture of the Northeast Asia.