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Information Technology (KNUIT)

KNUIT “trains global leaders of the era of future IT convergence.” Based on the best faculty and educational and research infrastructure, it offers theoretical education, experiments and practices based on practical affairs, professional courses by track, and high-tech seminars. It fosters professional manpower who will lead the future industry through team projects and academic-industrial joint researches.

KNUIT is a large college that includes various domains of studies such as the Department of Electrical Engineering that opened in 1982, the Department of Electronics, the Department of Controls & Instrumentation Engineering, the Department of Computer Engineering, the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering, and the Department of Data Processing. It obtained an independent structure in 2006 to foster more specialized manpower, and it currently teaches and studies electrical engineering, electronic engineering, computers, IT convergent technology, and information media. The goal is to “cultivate progressive technicians with future adaptability” and “cultivate creative technicians with practical ability.” KNUIT is categorized into the Department of Electric & Electronics Engineering, the Department of Electronics Engineering, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and recruits and educates specialized students.

Graduates of KNUIT have advanced to society through domestic and overseas companies, research and public institutions, entrepreneurship, and so on, and are well-received in their respective communities. KNUIT will continue to foster global leaders with specialized knowledge, communication skills, personalities, and language skills. KNUIT awaits your interest, support and, participation.