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Department of Multi Design

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The Department of Multi Design offers specialized courses through future-oriented education facilities and curricula for the specialization and practical use of design education. The department strives for new communication of globalization by training creative and professional designers using three-dimensional education through the advanced lab.

  • 408, Formative Arts Building, Samcheok Campus
  • 033-570-6680
  • 033-570-6839

Department of Living Art Design

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The Department of Living Art Design creatively plans and designs furniture and ceramic textile design products needed in general lifestyle spaces from the perspective of design and craft. As modern design focuses on qualitative values of design to enrich living culture by reflecting the values of the time, the Department of Living Art Design aims to cultivate creative designers who can suggest and propose original values and visions about new living culture through specialized hands-on design training based on design philosophy as well as design thinking and perspective.

  • 409, Formative Arts Building, Samcheok Campus
  • 033-570-6690
  • 033-570-6699

Department of Leisure Sports

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The Department of Leisure Sports leads healthy sports culture.
In a modern society that has emerged as an era of leisure, how you enjoy your leisure time has a significant effect on your quality of life. Interests in health and life quality have increased with economic growth and the advancement of medical technologies, and customized sports activities for individuals are no longer just a personal issue, but now on the rise as a national issue.
To cope with the flow of the times and social demands, the Department of Leisure Sports operates educational courses based on professional leisure and living sports instructors, experts of various sports and health exercise management, and humanism to work in sports administration and marketing industries through basic theoretical courses of sports as well as practical courses that focus on consumers to enhance hands-on abilities.

  • 406, College of Humanities & Social Science, Samcheok Campus
  • 033-570-6660
  • 033-570-6669

Department of Theatre & Film

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Established with the objective of raising professionals in the fields of broadcasting and new media in the era of the 21st century digital broadcasting, the Department of Theatre & Film offers hands-on training for fields of actors, producers, theatre, film production & planning & directing, art management, advertisement, coordinating, video filming, video editing, and computer graphic special effects to cultivate professional artists who are suitable for various forms of broadcasting media.

  • 412, Creative Science Hall, Dogye Campus
  • 033-540-3450
  • 033-540-3459