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College of Health Science (Dogye)

The College of Health Science is a specialized college that strives to build a healthy society and a bright future through creative education. It cultivates experts of each field who can play a pivotal role in promotion of national health and improvement of human welfare.

  • Converting to a customized, practical manpower development system that focuses on consumers
  • Bringing about quantitative and qualitative improvements to the employment rate through expansion of chances for advancement in the fields of life, health, and welfare
  • Reinforcing advanced research abilities capable of leading KNU
  • Establishing academic-industrial cooperation and maximizing international cooperative organizations in the fields of life, health, and welfare
  • Empowering the training of global and multidisciplinary manpower
Objectives and Action Plan
  • Reinforcement and differentiation of major education that focuses on practical affairs
  • Reinforcing progressive instructional research
  • Increasing employment competency and employment rate of students
  • Establishing an academic-industrial network and a base for international cooperation
  • Training global and multidisciplinary leaders