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Guide to Using the Public Health Center

Location and Information

  • Location: 1F, Narae Hall
  • Operating Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 from Monday – Friday (Lunch Hours 12:00 – 13:00)
  • Subjects: Faculty and staff, members enrolled students
  • Disease Consultation and Administration of Drugs
    • Simple respiratory, digestive problems or simple symptoms (headaches, menstrual cramps, sties, etc.)
    • Emergency treatments of simple diseases such as traumatherapy, burn treatments, myalgia, and sprains

Psychiatry Consultations (Consultations with KNU Hospital Psychiatrists)

  • Subjects: Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Date and Time: Every Wednesday afternoon at 14:00 – 16:00 during the semester
  • Location: Public Health Center Consultation Room (None of the details of consultation will be recorded, and reservations are required)

Basic Examination (Conducted Year-round)

Simple Basic Examination Items: Glycemia, blood pressure, anemia, and total cholesterol Body Composition Measurement (Obesity Management)

First Aid Supplies Support

  1. KNU Website

  2. BaeckRyung Hall

  3. Resources

  4. Documents

  5. First Aid Supplies
    Request Form

  • First aid supplies support for events inside and outside the university (e.g.: Club activities, sports events, etc.)
  • Receive first aid supplies after submitting first aid supplies request form
  • (Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, digestive medicine, antidiarrheals, common cold medicine, consumables for healing wounds, plasters, etc.)

Medical Checkup and Tuberculosis Examination (Twice a Year)

  • Examination Subject: New and enrolled students
  • Examination Site: In front of CheonJi Hall
  • Examination Period: 1st semester (medical checkup), 2nd semester (tuberculosis examination)
  • Cost: Free (results are notified individually, and the result report is issued to each individual at the Public Health Center)

Examination Items

{Examination Items} - Medical Checkup Items, Detailed Items
Medical Checkup Items Detailed Items
Physical Examination Height, weight, obesity, and blood pressure
Urine Examination Diabetes, urinary protein, and urinary occult blood test
Chest Indirect Radiography Tuberculosis, pneumonia, scoliosis, and lung cancer
Liver Function Test Serum GOT and Serum GPT
Hepatitis B Examination Antigen and antibody
Blood Test RBC, WBC, Hct, platelet, MCV, MCH, and MCHC
Physical Examination Height, weight, obesity, and blood pressure
Total Over 20 types

Discounts for Hospitals Designated by the KNU

{Discounts for Hospitals Designated by the KNU} - Hospital Name, Classification, Location, Type, Discount Range, Things to Bring When Receiving Treatment
Hospital Name Classification Location Type Discount Range Things to Bring When Receiving Treatment
KNU Hospital Hospital affiliated to University Chuncheon-si Students 15% of Non-payment Items
  • Certificate of Enrollment (students)
  • Certificate of Employment (Faculty and Staffs)
Faculty and Staffs No Discounts