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Dormitory Types

As of 2019, Unit: KRW

{Dormitory Types} - Campus, Dormitory Name, Gender, Type, Facilities, Maintenance Fee / Semester
Campus Dormitory Name Gender Type Facilities Maintenance Fee / Semester
Samcheok HaeSolGwan M & F 2 people/room
  • bathroom
  • restroom
  • bed
  • desk
  • closet
  • and no cooking facilities
KRW 870,000
DooTaGwan M & F 6 people/room KRW 740,000
EonJangGwan M 2 people/room KRW 620,000
Dogye HwanJoGwan M & F 6 people/room KRW 710,000
DoWonGwan M & F 6 people/room KRW 710,000
GaOnGwan F 2 people/room KRW 880,000
  • Use of the dormitory cafeterias is optional for each individual
  • You can not enter or exit between 01:00 – 05:00
  • You must submit your medical checkup results before you move to the dormitory

Applying and Making Payments for the Dormitories

  • For the first semester, the Office of International Affairs will apply for dormitories on behalf of new students.
  • After that, the students must apply and make payments for the dormitories themselves via the dormitory website.
{Applying and Making Payments for the Dormitories} - Classification, 1 st Semester, Summer Vacation, 2 nd Semester, Winter Vacation
Classification 1 st Semester Summer Vacation 2 nd Semester Winter Vacation
Application December Early May June Early November
Payments End of January Mid-May End of July Mid-November


  • Male and female buildings are separated, so you can not enter the building of the opposite gender
  • If you accumulate too many penalty points for violating the Dormitory Rules, you will be asked to leave the dormitory.
  • You may use the student cafeteria by buying a meal ticket. Dormitory cafeterias may only be used by the students who applied to do so when moving into the dormitory