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Public Health Center

Treatment and Administration of Drugs for Emergency Patients Occurring During the Student Activities inside and outside School

  • Administration of basic drugs and wound treatment, sending patients to hospital
  • Health management of students and faculty/staffs members

Medical Checkups: Measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar examinations, and measurement of height and weight

Location and Telephone Number

  • Location: Inside the Comprehensive Civil Affairs Room on 2F, Student Union Building I
  • Tel. No.: 033570-6222 (ext. 222)

Subjects and Usage Fee

  • Subjects: KNU Samcheok Campus students and faculty/staff members
  • Usage Fee: Free
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00 (excluding lunch time 12:00-13:00)

Discounts for Hospitals Designated by the KNU

{Discounts for Hospitals Designated by the KNU} Hospital Name, Classification, Location, Type, Discount Range, Things to Bring When Receiving Treatment
Classification Location Type Discount Range Things to Bring When
Receiving Treatment
KNU Hospital Hospital affiliated to
Chuncheon-si Students 15% of Non-reimbursement Items
  • Certificate of Enrollment (students)
  • Certificate of Employment (Faculty and Staffs)
Faculty and Staffs No Discounts

Exemption Benefits for Samcheok Medical Center
(Newly Established)

January 13th , 2015

{Exemption Benefits for Samcheok Medical Center (Newly Established)} Item, Exemption Rate, Subject, Note
Item Exemption
Subject Note
1. Comprehensive Medical Checkup and Additional Optional Examinations (including Oral Examinations) 20%
  • KNU faculty/staffs
  • their spouses
  • children
  • parents
  • parents of their spouses
  • enrolled students
  • Certificate of Employment
    (Civil Service ID Card)
    Certificate of Family Relations
  • Student ID Card
    (Certificate of Enrollment)
  • ※Bring it for every
2. For Outpatients and Hospitalization Treatments
  • MRI, CT (Non-reimbursement Part), and Ultrasound
    (Non-reimbursement Items) Examinations
  • Advanced hospital ward usage costs
3. Vaccinations
4. Funeral Hall
(Chapel, Reception, and Incense Burning Room
Usage Fee)