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Student ID Card Issuance

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Chuncheon Campus

After registering for Internet reservation application (necessary step), take your Alien Registration Card and visit Shinhan Bank Kangwon National University Branch (1F, TaeBaek Hall). Then, your application is complete. (It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the issuance.)

Guide to Making Application

  • Issuance Period: It takes about 2 to 3 weeks after you pay a visit to the bank after making reservations on the internet
  • Place of Application an d Issuance: Shinhan Bank KNU Branch (1F, TaeBaek Hall)
  • Application Subjects: new students and enrolled students (those who are on a leave of absence may not be issued a student ID card)
  • In March, student ID cards will be issued focused on new students, so it is advised that enrolled students, returning students, and graduate students apply for the student ID card from April.
  • The returning students must confirm their school registration status before making applications. (The issuance may be restricted.)

Application Method

  • Click Enrolled Students → Guide to Issuance of Certificates at the upper left corner of Kangwon National University website
  • After you click Issuance of Student ID Card → Apply for Internet Finance (Student ID Card) Service banner, apply for reservation (Required Field: registration of a photo file, internet banking, Student ID may also be used as a cash card (example), English name, mobile phone, e-mail, home address, billing address (e-mail), and branch office (Kangwon National University))
  • After entering required fields, click "Register Reservation" button → Visit the bank regardless of reservation date
  • Visit Shinhan Bank (1F, TaeBaek Hall) (You must bring Alien Registration Card.)

Functions and Benefits of Student ID Card

  • Student ID Card Service: entering the department, borrowing books, etc.
  • Financial IC Service: cash card, debit card, paying tuition, and paying utility bills
  • Transportation Card Service: T-money (rechargeable type, may be used in Seoul and Chuncheon)

Go to Apply for the Chuncheon Student ID Card

Samcheok Campus

Internet application is unnecessary; visit the Office of Student Affairs (033-580-6462) on 2F of the Student Union Building I after issuing an Alien Registration Card