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Since its establishment in 1982, the KNU Office of International Affairs has been striving to raise creative talents to lead the 21st global era as one of the core Korean National Universities representing Gangwon-do. Amidst the rapidly changing global environment, KNU is solidifying a network foundation to cultivate professionals with international assets by establishing a base for future-oriented exchanges and operation with 272 sister universities of 55 countries around the world, and maintaining a continued cooperative relationship

KNU is operating academic courses as well as a variety of international programs including exchange students, dual degree, language study aboard, summer programs, etc. every year to provide full support towards the training of future talents with global senses and communication skills.


General Supervision of Office of International Affairs

{General Supervision of Office of International Affairs} - Name, Position, Telephone, Email
Name Position Telephone Email
Prof.Jhoo, Jin-Woo Dean 82-33-250-7105
Prof.Park, Danbee Vice Dean 82-33-250-6988
Mr. Lee Sang Keun Director 82-33-250-7106

Admission and Student Management

Admission and Student Management} - Name, Position, Telephone, Email
Name Duties &Responsibilities Telephone E-mail
Mr. Dongmin Lee Administrative support for the international students 82-33-250-7192
Ms. Jungsook Park Budget 82-33-250-6986  
Ms. Anna Lee Admission and Scholarships for new students 82-33-250-6985
Mr. Jun Lee Management of Enrolled Students 82-33-250-7194
Ms. Min-Ji Kim Insurance and Financial support of TOPIK 82-33-250-6984

International Affairs (Student Exchange Program and MOU with partner institutions)

International Affairs - Name, Duties & Responsibilities, Telephone, Email
Name Duties & Responsibilities Telephone Email
Mr. Jun Lee Asian countries excluding China 82-33-250-7194
Mr. Tony Won China 82-33-250-7193
Ms. Jinny Jang Non-Asian countries 82-33-250-6989
  • Address: International Affairs, Kangwon National University, 1, Gangwondaehak-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do,
    Republic of Korea (24341)
  • Working Hours: 9AM-6PM on weekdays
  • Location: 1st floor of International Center (Building No. 212)