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Academic Calendar 2022

Academic Calendar 2022
Month Date Contents
10(Thu) ~ 11(Fri) Spring Semester Newly Admitted Students Course Registration
16(Wed) ~ 17(Thu) Spring Semester Course Registration for freshmen
16(Wed) ~ 28(Mon) Application for Leave of / Return from Absence
22(Tue) Graduation Ceremony (Chuncheon Campus)
22(Tue) ~ 25(Fri) Tuition Payment
23(Wed) ~ 25(Fri) Spring Semester Course Registration
28(Mon) University Entrance Ceremony
March 2(Wed) Beginning of Spring Semester
4(Fri) ~ 8(Tue) Course Add & Drop
April 27(Wed) Last day of Mid-Term Exam
May 3(Tue) ~ 6(Fri) Registration for Summer Session Courses
18(Wed) ~ 20(Fri) Tuition Payment for Summer Session
June 14(Tue) University Foundation Anniversary
21(Tue) End of Spring Semester, Last Day of Final Exam
22(Wed) Beginning of Summer Semester
July 6(Wed) Finalization of Grades
7(Thu) ~ 13(Wed) Evaluation of Summer Session
12(Tue) Summer Session Ends
19(Tue) Finalization of Summer Session Grades
August 3(Wed) ~ 4(Thu) Fall Semester Pre-Registration
17(Wed) ~ 19(Fri) Fall Semester Course Registration
17(Wed) ~ 31(Wed) Application for Leave of/Return from Absence
23(Tue) ~ 26(Fri) Tuition Payment for Fall semester
31(Wed) Graduation Ceremony(Chuncheon Campus)
September 1(Thu) Beginning of Fall Semester
5(Mon) ~ 7(Wed) Course Add & Drop
9(Fri) ~ 12(Mon) Chuseok
20(Tue) ~ 22(Thu) Daedongje (University Festival)
October 17(Mon) ~ 21(Fri) Mid-Term Course Evaluation
November 1(Tue) Last Day of Mid-term Exam
8(Tue) ~ 10(Thu) Registration for Winter Session Courses
16(Wed) ~ 25(Fri) Application for Double Major and Minor
21(Mon) ~ 23(Wed) Tuition Payment for Winter Session
25(Fri) New Student Interview for Admission (No Classes)
December 11.28(Mon) ~ 12.2(Fri) Application for Department Transfer
1(Thu) ~ 14(Wed) Fall Semester Course Evaluation
15(Thu) ~ 21(Wed) Make-up Classes
21(Wed) End of Fall Semester, Last Day of Final Exam
22(Thu) Beginning of Winter Semester
27(Tue) ~ 30(Fri) Fall Semester Grade Confirmation
3(Tue) Finalization of Grades
6(Fri) ~ 12(Thu) Winter Session Course Evaluation
11(Wed) Winter Session Ends
18(Wed) Finalization of Winter Session Grades
February 7(Tue) ~ 8(Wed) Spring Semester Pre-Registration
22(Wed) Graduation Ceremony (Chuncheon Campus)
28(Tue) University Entrance Ceremony (Chuncheon Campus)

This calendar can be subjected to changes according to the circumstances.