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12 I am a student currently Korean language course in Korea. When can I change my Visa status to Student Visa (D-2)? 관리자 2018.03.27 1220
11 Can new students pay the tuition in installments? 관리자 2018.03.27 1278
10 Can I choose the dormitory building that I will be staying in? 관리자 2018.03.27 1155
9 When do new students have to pay dormitory fee? 관리자 2018.03.27 1034
8 How do I apply for the dormitory? 관리자 2018.03.27 1115
7 Does an applicant who has graduated from KNU have to submit his/her Certificate of Family Relations again? 관리자 2018.03.27 926
6 Is the recommendation letter of advisor mandatory? 관리자 2018.03.27 1196
5 How are the interviews conducted? 관리자 2018.03.27 1296
4 Is it possible to receive the special TOPIK scholarship for new undergraduate students even if TOPIK score was submitted after the application period? 관리자 2018.03.27 1073
3 May I be admitted an applicant without a TOPIK score ? 관리자 2018.03.27 1865