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Exchange students can register for courses of various fields without restrictions. However, registration may be unavailable in the following cases.
- If the maximum number of students for the course has been exceeded (course registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis).
- If the professor recommends that they cancel their course registration because their Korean is insufficient
- If the prerequisite course for the selected course has not been completed
- (For courses that are opened only for students of a particular major) If a student of that particular major applies
- If the course is carried out in a special way, such as through practice, experiment, etc.
There are about 90 courses provided in other languages than Korean per semester and they are all for undergraduate students. About 15 courses are provided in Japanese, Chinese, German, and French. And the rest of the 70 courses are provided in English. There are subjects of particular fields but most od them are related to administration・international affairs ・language.
If one is fluent in Korean, there are many courses available at KNU. However, as the lectures provided in English are all regular courses for undergraduate students, and there are almost no courses available for graduate students who are not fluent in Korean.
Graduate students may apply for courses provided to undergraduate students in English, but only if the credits are accepted by their home schools.
Exchange students are required to take a minimum of 2 subjects and can apply for up to 22 credits.
Method ①: Ask your Buddy
- Check the list of courses in English for this semester through the Notices section of the English website of KNU (end of January and July)
- Send an Email to your Buddy with a list of the lectures you wish to register for (course title, course code, lecture date/time)
Method ②: Directly apply online via school website
- Log in to [Course Registration] on the website during the course registration period
(ID: 9 digits of student number, PW: 6 digits of student’s date of birth)
Visit the Office of International Affairs and fill out the 'Application for Change of Study Period.' Additionally, students must agree to the ‘extension of one semester’ under the affiliated department of KNU. Please take the following information into consideration and make your decision carefully.
- Visa Extension: Apply by visiting the Immigration Office with required documents or apply online
(Application for Visa Extension, commission fee of KRW 60,000, Academic Transcripts, Certificate of Residence)
- Dormitory Application: Directly apply via dormitory website to stay during the vacation and second semester
- International Student Insurance: Since a student must be covered by insurance while staying in Korea, sign up for additional 6 months
- Buddy Program: There will be no official Buddy because this program is only offered for the first semester
1) Visit the KNU Office of International Affairs and consult with the officer in charge.
2) Fill out the 'Application for Change of Study Period' (the signature of the officer in charge at the student’s home school must be obtained).
3) Submit the application to the KNU Office of International Affairs.
4) The affiliated department will decide whether or not to accept the exchange student for one
additional semester (applicable for extending the period of study).
5) The KNU Office of International Affairs officially changes the period of study through administrative management.
Only students affiliated with the sister universities of KNU can apply to be exchange students. Please ask the Office of International Affairs at your school for details on applying.