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Subject 2020 Higher Education for ASEAN Talents(HEAT) in Graduate Programs at KNU
Kangwon National University(KNU) invites outstanding ASEAN faculty members who wish to major in the fields of International Trade or Agricultural & Resource Economics for a Doctor’s degree in KNU.

■ HEAT application at KNU

1. Fields of Study
- Agricultural & Resource Economics (Ph.D. in Economics)
- International Trade (Ph.D. in Business Administration)

2. Scholarships
◦ Scholarship Period: 3 years of a doctoral program
◦ Benefits:
-Airfare (one time only): Round-trip economy class ticket.
-Monthly Allowance: 1,100 USD per month.
-Relocation (Settlement) Allowance (one time only): 300 USD upon arrival
-Tuitions: All tuition fees are waived by the host institution.
-Dissertation Printing Costs: 400~600 USD, depending on the actual costs.

3. Application Timeline
- Document submission Deadline : March 24, 2020 (Tue)
- Document Screening : March 25 (Wed) ~ March 27 (Fri)
- Notification of eligibility for interview : April 1 (Wen)
- Interview : April 6 (Mon) ~ April 14 (Tue)
- Selection of 10 candidates and notification to KCUE : April 17 (Fri)

4. Required Documents : Please refer to the attachment

5. Eligibility
- The applicant should be a citizen of an ASEAN country and be a full-time faculty member of a university in his/her home country.
- The applicant should hold a master's degree or its equivalent.
- The applicant should be able to obtain a study leave from his/her university for three years and should return to his/her university upon obtaining a Ph.D. degree at KNU.
(Please find the additional qualifications presented in the application guidelines.)

6. Contact
- Tel. +82-33-250-6989
- Fax : +82-33-259-5522
- Email : Huiyeon Mun (
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