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Subject Foreign Students' Korean Speech Contest for 'Dokdo Love'
○ Date and time: 2020. 08. 24. (Mon) 14:00 scheduled
○ Place: Daegu University Gyeongsan Campus, General Welfare Center, 2nd floor, Small Theater
○ Subject: Dokdo
○ How to Present: In various forms such as skit, play, musical, song, etc.
○ Presentation Time: About 10 minutes
○ How to Judge: Theme and content, pronunciation and expression, presentation ability, and attitude, etc.
○ The Panel of Judges: About 5~7 people including Dokdo experts and recommended people by Dokdo Foundation
○ Award and Privilege
- Certificate (by Dokdo Foundation Chairman Award, Daegu University President)and prize money
Best Prize: one team (2,000,000 won)
Excellence Prize: one team (1,500,000 won)
Encouragement Prize: one team (700,000 won)
Participation Prize: three teams (500,000 won)
- Privilege: Participation teams of the final and leaders have entitled the chance to visit Ulleungdo and Dokdo.
Writer ChuncheonCampus