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Subject ★ UPDATE('21.12.10.) ★ National Health Insurance Service for Foreign Student
■ If any foreigner has stayed in the Republic of Korea for more than six months,
he or she will be mandatorily subscribed to the National Health Insurance from March 1, 2021.
■ Foreigners who have difficulty indentifying their income or property (this goes for the majority of international students) are usually charged with the average insurance premium for all health insurance subscribers(as of January 2021, 131,790won).
However, for international students, they can get a temporary discount on insurance premiums.

■ In case of delaying payment insurance premiums, you’ll incur the disadventages,
such as, Application for extension of stay period or Examination of duration of stay.
■ The notice of payment will be sent to the place of residence reported when
registering as a foreigner, so please check your mailbox.

If you have any inquiry concerning the National Health Insurance, please contact directly the relevant National Health Insurance branch.
(☎ 1577-1000 / 033-811-2000)

Below is a link to the homepage of National Health Insurance Corporation, where you can find more information on national health insurance for foreigners.

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