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Refer 2421 Date 2020.09.08 10:24:06
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Subject Dormitory Notice for Residents in Fall 2020 Semester
[1] New Residents should take Tuberculosis Test according to the schedule below

1. New Residents who are staying now : September 9(Wed.) 10:00-17:00 / September 14(Mon.) 10:00-17:00
2. New Residents who are going to stay from September 18th : September 21(Mon.)
3. Expenses : Free of Charge
4. Location : In front of YulGok-GWAN(율곡관)
5. This examination is mandatory, and residents who do not submit the test results during this examination period should take the test at their own expense.
Residents who do not submit the Tuberculosis Test Result will be forced to leave the dormitory.


[2] Residents at Saerom-KWAN moving into Euiroom-GWAN

Residents at Saerom-KWAN(새롬관) have to move into Euiroom-GWAN(이룸관).
Dates : September 12(Sat.) - 14(Mon.) 10:00-17:00
Room Notification : On September 11(Fri.)


[3] COVID-19 Self-Questionarie Guidance(For KNU Dormitory Residents)

Please click on the website below:

For more information, please visit the dormitory website as below:
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