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Subject (UPDATE) Address Change Declaration
When a foreigner changes the temporary place of residence,
he/she must report to the Immigration Office within 15 days.

When reporting a change in residence, details must be specific. (Dormitory name and room number all together)

<Example of a report>
proper: Irum-gwan room 202, 1 Gangwondaehakgil, chuncheon-si gangwon-do
incorrect: Kangwon national university student dormitory

In the case of students residing in a dormitory;
Even if only the room is changed in the same dormitory, you have to report the change of residence,
➀ If you move from (room number)201 of Irum-gwan to (room number)304 of Irum-gwan, a report is required.
➁ If you move from (room number)201 of Irum-gwan to (room number)204 of Nanji-Won, a report is required.

Especially, the National Health Insurance Corporation will send mail monthly to the place of residence that reported by the student.
If you didn't receive the mail from NHIS, please contact to NHIS.
(☎ 033-250-9850 / 033-811-2000)

☆ Guidelines for the report of Cange of Residence
Online application by accessing the website of ‘HiKorea’.
➀ Search ‘HiKorea’ in the portal site search bar.
Address of ‘HiKorea’ web page is:
➁ Join membership
➂ Click “Civil service application – Electronic civil service – Report of change of residence” on the menu at the top.
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