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Subject [Chuncheon City] Recruiting "All Generation Choir" Foreign Members (~May 21th)
Chuncheon City is recruiting foreigners who are interested in learning music, and singing to be a part of a “CHOIR” that will represent Chuncheon City in different events.
The choir will be a part of “온세대 합창당” Choir and the foreign team will be supported and managed by Chuncheon City Hall.

You don’t have to be good at singing to participate, everyone is welcome. A team of professional musicians will teach you everything.

We are receiving applications through Our Instagram or Facebook page (Foreigners of Chuncheon).
DM us or send us a message with your name, age, nationality, university name, email and phone number and we will contact you after the 14th of May.

You can also apply by sending your personal informations to this number: 010-5490-9607.

Deadline is Friday 21th MAY.

Instagram page link:

Facebook Page Link:
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