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Subject Youth international exchanging project: DreamCollabo:HIPHOP(~June 15th)
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Korea Youth Work Agency and Mapo Youth Center want to improve social sentiment and grow into a leading individual in creating culture and arts through compositional writing activities under the theme of global issues for teenagers interested in hip-hop and composition.

□ Program outline
○ Date: June~October, 2021 / 2~3 times a month
○ Place: Off-line (Mapo Youth Center, Seoul) & On-line (Zoom) Combined
○ Target: Aged 17 to 24 (Domestic residence)
○ How to apply: Personal application, online application
( # Check attached poster
○ Due date: ~ Tuesday, June 15, 2021
○ Question: Specialized Project Team 02-3153-5960~3
○ Benefits
- Providing training for professionals,
- Providing equipment and facilities specializing in sound photography
- Free support for recording and music video production, meals and snacks,
- Presents youth festivals and provides opportunities for performances;
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